Monday, March 2, 2009

Springtime in Switzerland

This is, hands down, the most adorable advertising campaign of all time. 

Really, what ingredients of cuteness has the artist failed to incorporate? 

1. Fluffy lamb, complete with neck-bell, and flower-in-mouth, dancing through the air. 

2. Bees and butterflies kissing the local flora.

3. Quaint little village nestled by a lake. 

4. Printed during the last year of World War II, so frankly this looks like paradise compared to the rest of Europe. 

OF COURSE I want to go to that village--it's probably even a spa with fabulously blonde masseuses who perform hot rock massages and shitsu. I'll go swimming in spring waters and somehow not have an allergic reaction to their impossibly clean pollen and stingless bees. Their lambs will not smell like barns, nor will they defecate in any noticeable way, but instead will be immaculately groomed, smelling akin to fresh laundry on a summer's day--what's more, they will trot up to me ever so gingerly, offering me freshly-plucked flower as they nestle their oh-so-adorable lamb faces onto my lap. The hills really will be alive with the Sound of Music (and it's Switzerland, so no Nazis!), and my own personal Heidi will deliver me hot cocoa in the evenings. 

Now, my choices: either I pay the $200 asked in the auction for this poster, or I spend a grand on airfare and a hotel in Switzerland. Why do I feel like the real thing can never live up to this ad? 

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