Monday, March 9, 2009

Losing Your Head....

I am by no means a sports fan; however, somehow, this poster manages to speak even to me. 

A year or so back, I happened to be in England during a Chelsea-Manchester United game. Chelsea lost on their home turf. As fans poured into the streets post-game, I witnessed from the back of my friend's Ford Fiesta exactly how insane soccer/football fans are. 

The most appropriate phrase that springs to mind is "HOLY HELL." 

European soccer fans are nutso--they ransacked the streets, teamed up to turn over cars, set trashcans ablaze, and climbed all over the slowly-moving vehicle I was attempting to inch through the masses. 

This silk-screen manages to sum up my feelings for those footie-fans, losing their heads over the love of the game. 

Bonus? This is actually a silk-screen, so it's much more fragile and technically more like a painting than your average vintage poster. And with a starting bid of $100, I could make the bedroom of a sports-loving little boy a whole lot brighter on the cheap (see lot 378 at

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