Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Denmark, Children are Awesome

These two chunks of goodness have been floating around the office for a while. Why no one has purchase them, I may never know; for, frankly, they're some of the best contemporary graphic design I've seen around here. 

Yes, I know what you're thinking--they do look an awful like Target ads; however, I promise, given that these were done pre-1970, they came first. And here you thought Target was so clever. Fools. 

Honestly, though, how are you not charmed by the pair of these? The use of sharp red and clean white, the no-frills background, the counterintuitive arrangement of props, the use of perfectly blonde children--you've got an advertiser's dream looking you square in the eye. 

Now, of course you want to know what they're selling. Given that they're both endorsed by Denmark, I'm assuming these are the equivalent of the "Come to Jamaica and Feel All Right" ads that come on after Jeopardy. Of course, these are more like "come to Denmark and see our perfectly-formed offspring tell wondrous tales about everyday items." 

Well, maybe it's not so nonsensical for the poster with the boys. The little fellow in red obvious just brought back a crate of giant fish from the local harbor, along with a few super-fresh fillets for tonight's supper. Meanwhile, his two buddies obviously decided to pop over to sub-par Norway to do their fishing. The moral of the story? You can give a fish to a Danish boy but you can't teach him to fish in his own waters....or something like that. 

The poster of the girls is a bit less cut-and-dry (oh, fish preparation pun!). If we go by the compare-what-Denmark-has-to-what-everyone-else-has theory, all this girl is saying is that in Denmark, there are 1970s televisions in the sky. I honestly have no idea. Feel free to leave your thoughts...or just buy them from us for $200 and see if your houseguests can't come up with better interpretations. 

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