Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Day Left....

Ah, the final day before the Modern Sale....what great trepidation fills my soul. 

Truth is, while we've had some solid absentee bids flow in over the last 72 hours, we could sincerely use some more. How does this read as at all appealing to you, gentle audience? Well, frankly, it translates as 'you can totally get the majority of the stuff in this auction for the starting bid!' In many cases, that's $50 or $100 for an authentic, vintage, first-edition poster from the 1930s-80s of your choosing. 

So, go to Browse the many lots in the Modern Posters auction, see what you like, and call 212-787-4000 to tell us you're willing to bid the reserve. You might just get an amazing deal. 

The biggest deals in this auction? Oh, let's see:

Lot 207, original Jimi Hendrix from the San Francisco Rock collection. Normally goes for $2,000+ at auction, we have it starting at $200.

Lot 210, the original Beatles Yellow Submarine poster. Heritage Auction House has it listed with a starting bid of $2,000 (4,000-6,000 estimate), and yet we're starting at $500.

Lot 2, a Nixon campaign poster from the first time he ran for president. Only $50 starting bid!

Lot 82, Cards As Weapons, the cult classic book & poster, both 1st editions, and both for $300 (goes upwards of $1000 on Ebay!)

Lot 92, A signed special edition gold poster for Alvin Ailey Dance Company, signed by the entire 1974 cast, $500 starting bid!

Lot 132, the original poster for the Marx Brothers Scrapbook, signed by Groucho! $500

Lots 190-195, many of the original posters for Guy Peelaert's cult classic Rock Dreams, all $300-$600.

Lots 276-278, the original You Don't Have To Be Jewish to Love Levy's rye bread ads. The artist died 2 weeks ago, so you'll never see these again. All $200!

And so, so much more!

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