Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since I reminisced about Merry Olde yesterday, I figured why not stay on that kick? And what brings me back to the other side of the pond more than memories of Vespa rides with Max? Oh, that'd be tea. 

A wise Brit once said to me that tea is a magical substance. Hard day? Have some tea. Got a cold? Try the tea. Social gathering? A round of tea. Grandma up and dies? Tea will help. Financial crisis? Totally a tea moment. You get the idea. 

Well, somehow I think that although the fellow in this poster understands the wondrous properties of England's signature beverage, his redheaded companion fails to grasp the concept. He's actually shouting that he only will drink a certain brand (Pekarek's) of tea, and that obviously she should have known not to serve him such a paltry substitute; however, I like to just think that he's a massive tea fan and she's totally not getting it.

And for all those tea fans out there, this poster is still sitting around our gallery. Why not let all your houseguests know exactly where you stand on India's greatest export? 


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