Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boz Scaggs

I may sound completely uninformed (or just severely dated), but I have no idea who Boz Scaggs is....and yet I want this poster. 

Why? Well, my reasons are very simple:

1. It is one of the original San Francisco Rock posters by Bill Graham. What does that mean? Well, all ye not in the proverbial know, that means you'd be owning a slice of one of the most historic moments (movements even?) in music history. The posters done for shows produced by Bill Graham redefined art for music--they basically made psychedelic art iconic. 

2. It's small. Well, smaller than your usual floor-to-ceiling advertising poster, which, in an apartment lacking much available wall space, is exactly what I need. A food an a half by under 2 feet? Sure, I can make room for that. 

3. This might be the most important reason: it is possibly the sexiest poster I've ever seen. You've got the title--'slow dancer'--which automatically brings to mind cheek-to-cheek nuzzling and moonlit whispers. It's a black and white photograph, which is always more romantic than color. And he's totally molesting her breasts without being all that trashy. And his leg? Oh, don't get me started. It's just hot. 

So, before we never see this puppy again, someone should call in an absentee bid for $200 and get it at the reserve. After all, it is our only copy and it might not come around again all that soon. 

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