Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Shielding Shadow

Sometimes a poster comes along that is just badass. 

This is that poster. 

Here you have one of presumably many different posters for a serialized black and white silent film. This episode? Oh, it's The Great Sacrifice (read: someone dies, though probably a minor a mill worker or the heroine's father). More importantly, in this episode, Ravengar (+10 points for coolest name ever) 'escapes the Wreck.' Yes, the Wreck  is so impressive that it gets capitalized. 

Putting the text-based awesomeness aside, how else is this poster 'badass'? Well, here are my top 3 reasons:

1. He's got a head wound, and doesn't even flinch in pain! He's superhuman, I tell you!

2. Ravengar's got that super-intense, knowing look of revenge in his eyes....he is going to go Chuck Norris-style on someone in the near future. 

3. Amazing facial hair. The more mustachioed the better, I say; and he's about 3 inches of mustache away from Civil War General. 

Still not convinced it's worth the $1200? Well, think of it this way--you'd be the only one of your friends to own an original poster for a cinematic event even IMDB and wikipedia fail to document. Now that's badass. 

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