Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Air India

I sort of had to do a double-take when we got this poster in a few week's back. 

But no, I saw it right the first time....that's a turbaned monk. Oh wait, I get it....Air India to Rome....cultures melding in harmonious glory, gotcha. 

And still, I somehow think that the Vatican wouldn't approve. Then again, I don't think the Vatican flies via Air India, so they might just never find out. It's probably for the best. 

Putting all the politically-correct-or-not debates aside, this poster really stands out for me amongst the plethora of Airline posters we have in this upcoming auction. 

For one, it's funny--Air France rarely, if ever, put humor in their posters, relying more on sleek design and glorified depictions of far-off lands. This is a bit more down-to-earth, as if it's saying, "you, too, touristy person, can fly to Rome and experience weird quirky things--they love tourists there, and will therefore treat you amazing well!" Now, I can't really remember the last time Italian monks let me near a harp in a monastery, but I'm sure it happens if you fly Air India. 

Moving on, another reason this poster gets bonus points for awesomeness: it looks like they let Keith Haring and the guy who designed The Jetsons create this poster. Look at those little action lines indicating the monks' tonsures--don't tell me that isn't Keith's signature move (See: http://tinyurl.com/62afvm). And I don't think I need to tell you that the Indian guy looks like he just got plucked off the Cartoon Network. Combine the two and you've got 1980s-lovin' appeal all over it!

If you're still not convinced of this poster's superiority, why not ponder the financial question: would you rather spend over $1000 on an Air France poster, or buy this with an estimate of $800 to $1000. It's possibly the biggest aviation win in the entire sale. 

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