Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alice Boots

To follow up on yesterday's post, this is the first poster my boss hung in my office because she thought it "reminded her of me." 

Her actual phrase was, "this is how I think you see the world." 

Looking at this poster, I would presume that to mean that I see the world as filled with half-naked women and creepy critters dying to molest me.....which actually isn't far from the truth, but I won't get into that. 

The awesome thing about this poster is that it has taken a dozen or so famous images by Aubrey Beardsley (whom I collect) and merged them into a single über-Beardsley land wherein this Alice girl can roam. And I imagine then that it's no surprise that her name is Alice, for what other blonde-locked child would be wandering about such a surreal wonderland? 

Ok, now that we've discussed its literary and artistic merits, let's come back to the fact that it's advertising boots. This is so not a poster for Keds or Converse--this is an ad that makes me want to hunt down this bootery and get myself a fancy pair of laceups!

Too bad I already bought myself a copy, or I'd spend the $100 at next Thursday's auction

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