Tuesday, March 3, 2009


There are some advertising campaigns, like the one in the previous entry, which show the world through the rosiest of glasses in order to sell you a product. 

Then there are ones which show you the bitter truths of the human condition, thereby indicating the necessity of said product. This Alka-Seltzer advertising campaign definitely fits into the latter category. 

We see before us three fabulously decadent spreads.....the phrase 'food porn' comes to mind. Oh, how I would love to chomp into that bratwurst and suck down those buttery potatoes; to inhale the delights of that sumptuous paella; and to ingest ever morsel of that pile of Italian treats. 

Perhaps I do not know any better, because consuming one, let alone all three, of these feasts will assuredly lead to such a gastrointestinal nightmare that I might swear off eating altogether. Or perhaps, I know all too well that my trusty friend Alka-Seltzer will somehow magically cure all tummy-related ailments as fast as you can say "plop, plop, fizz, fizz." 

Either way, for $100, I can have all three daily tempting me from my kitchen walls, reminding me that for every indulgence, there is probably an inexpensive cure.  

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