Friday, March 13, 2009

Post-Auction Debate

Well folks, the auction went off without....hrm...I can't quite say without a hitch now can I? Without a massive meltdown? Yes, definitely. With a few minor hiccups? Sure, but what doesn't have those these days. 

All follies put aside, it was quite a success. Now, in addition to selling off the unsold lots (I get you nice price on poster, ja?), the biggest point of discussion is...

....where do I hang this? 

This was one of my early favorites in the auction--a textless wonder by the brilliant Tomi Ungerer (of Conjunction Junction fame). 

I think she's fabulous--she sits in my mind somewhere between Morticia Adams and a Hans Bellmer. The touch of red on splayed legs and parted lips is just oh so Egon Schiele. In other words, we've got pop/art references up the proverbial wazoo in this baby. 

Of course, my friends don't all see it quite that way. There may have been a moment when a certain someone said that he didn't want to see "a dismembered woman farting" on my wall. These may just be the tragedies he and others may face, for one man's gaseous paraplegic is another woman's art, and I apparently am all about equal-opportunity in my apartment's decor.  

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