Monday, March 16, 2009

Wall Street

A few days ago, a friend of mine showed up at a theme party dressed as Trickle-Down Economics. 

The theme was 'Myths & Legends.'

Given that the economy is, um, experiencing technical difficulties, I think she and her fellow irony-lovers should invest $200 and purchase this bit of graphic hilarity to decorate their otherwise-less-awesomely-decorated walls. 

What the Jesus night-light and the Buddha throw-pillow were to those Urban Outfitter hipsters three years ago, this poster could be to the tongue-in-cheek social commentators of today.  They could sit in their skinny jeans and cowboy boots, listening to some super-cool bit of vinyl they picked up at a thrift shop, and gaze upon the Gold Calf that was Wall Street. With towers made of NASDAQ-flavored text from an obviously better time, they could take stock in the fact that they are far more with it than the rest of you plebs. 

So go on, soak up that Dow-Jones goodness. You earned it. 

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