Friday, March 27, 2009

Taisez Vous!

I honestly had to look twice to figure out what this poster was about....and now that I'm 'in the know,' it's gone from the boring category in my mind to the totally awesome one. 

No, it's not some kind of Soviet Stenberg-Brothers creation (though with that color scheme, it should be), nor is it advertising for a Chinese magic show (yes, that Mandarin collar and something about the eyes led me down that road, too). It's an post-occupied France propaganda poster! And boy do I love me some propaganda....

For our non-francophone friends out there, this poster says (loosely) "Be quiet! The Germans may have left, but their spies remain!" 

Before I continue, can I add how fabulously hilarious it is that Mallet (the artist) thought that by giving this guy a monocle, he was instantly more German. Because, you know, that's what those Deutsch-folk wear....monocles or eye patches. Like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie. 

Moving on, I somehow see this as the social equivalent of those old US/Brit public health posters (She may LOOK clean, but that good time girl will give you VD! See: Different point, same purpose: don't talk to strangers, kids.....because they could be spies or give you a genital disease.  

Now, with this baby having the super-low estimate of $1200-1500 in our May auction, who doesn't want to spread the word and hang it in their office? It's for a good cause, you know. 

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