Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On March 12, we're hosting our first-ever Modern Poster sale. I think it's the coolest thing ever, but, then again, it was my idea, and I'm a massive egomaniac. 

This is one of my favorite little gems within the sale. I don't really care that it's an advertising poster for the Tomato Music Company (home to such greats as John Cage, Leadbelly, and Santana), but more that it's a poster of a giant tomato in an armchair. 

First, this tomato has some serious interior design skills--check out that insane wallpaper. Are those purple urns, magenta swags, and olive-green vines? Oh, I think they are. And he's got a crazy grandma rug to match! I sense some vegetable has been watching Bravo's Top Design. The only major flaw in his space-creation would be that the chair is facing a wall....but Mr. Tomato lacks eyes, so this is entirely forgivable. 

Second, let's talk about the tag-line: "Tomato: Something Unusual is Going on Here." Well, yes, something is. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes has gone into retirement, invested in an arm chair, and now lives in a flashily-decorated home....that (and this is just what I surmise by looking out the window), and said home is floating in some sort of Space-Odyssey ether. And why is the curtain hanging outside the house? Now THAT'S really unusual. Oh, and judging by the lit cigarette, I sense that Mr. Tomato is a smoker....I'm sure there's a pun in there about smoked vegetables, but I'm not going to touch it. 

Overall, I give this an A+ for conversation-starting capabilities. And, frankly, with a starting bid of $300, that's a reasonable price to pay for awesomeness. 

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  1. there was one of these posters in the dining room in hubbard. always made me laugh.

    - jen l.