Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bring 'Em Up Short

Now that our printed catalogue has finally come out, I can gaze upon the wonders that will be in the next auction with ease. Yay for me. 

Today's treasure is this poster for Newsweek. It might not look like much on the screen, but this baby is damn-near arresting in person. Having seen the photo for it a dozen times before this auction, I was surprised at how impressed by it I was when we finally unrolled it. It's huge. As in mini-billboard huge. And the colors are just oh so sharp. 

Moving on from its aesthetic merits, though, there are a few solid reasons I want this above my couch:

1) Because the idea of Napoleon's massive head staring out at me every morning strokes my ego like nothing else. To be face to face with the man that conquered most of Europe, to have him gaze back at me with his strong, beady little eyes--measuring me up, finding me a worthy companion--these are the moments I live for. 

Ok, yes, that may be dipping into my historical fantasies, but still--the idea is kinda nifty. 

2) Tangential to the idea of making eyes at Napoleon the Conqueror, with this on my wall, I now get to say that I OWN the man, the myth, the legend. "Oh, you like Napoleon, eh? I've got him framed back home above my couch." "Not only was Russia his downfall, he now has to live in my apartment!" Hardy-har-har. Not that that really comes up in conversation all that often (how many Napoleon fans are there out there? How many of them really like to admit to it outside of war reenactment conventions?), but if it did, I'd be so prepared to impress them. 

3) He has gangrene of the eyes. Let House analyze that one. 

4) It's got a pun (Oversized Napoleon + 'bring em up short' = visual pun glory). Who doesn't want a pun on their wall? I, in fact, try to fill my house with as many visual puns as possible...I once had a bathroom covered in pictures of Europe (European/Ur-o-peein')...childish, yes...but also, I feel, brilliant.

So, support your love for visual puns, historical figures, and current events and bid on this baby. $400 starting bid and it could be yours!  

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