Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bal de Misère

No matter how much you protest when your friends invite you, everyone secretly loves a theme party. I've been to everything from a Create Your Own Superhero Bacchanalia to an 18th Century Casino Night, and I'm still bewailing the fact that I was out of town during the infamous Mustache Ball. 

The party advertised in this poster, however, takes the proverbial cake. Straight out of Zoolander, it's the "Derelicte" ball....except rather than be a facade for the fashion industry's secret ploy to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia, it's an all-out serious social event. No Mugatu, no hand models, just a pure, homeless-inspired fashion fest for your late-night enjoyment. 

I mean, look at the fellow on the poster. Adorned in the best hobo style an Art Deco artist could muster, he is rockin' out. Don't you want to put on your knee-patched ochre tights and Constructionist tunic, too? 

And what sort of entertainment would be provided, you may ask? Well, according to this poster, you get to look forward to a Ukrainian choir, some hygiene intervention lectures, a ballet, an around-the-world look at poverty, the next season of women's fashion, and jazz (4 types of jazz, at that). If they topped all that off with copious amounts of alcohol, I would imagine it was a pretty wild time. 

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