Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nixon, Nixon, Nixon

Browsing through the auction catalogue this morning, I noticed that boy do we have a nice little collection of Nixon-related stuff. I know, I know--possibly not your favorite president (just don't tell my dad that); however, whether you're pro, con, or indifferent, we may have the poster for you.

Nixon #1, El Presidente Triumphant: waving his hand in the air, smiling that big ol' Quaker smile, Nixon is totally The Man in this poster. I'm assuming this was an original campaign advert meant to squash out his political challengers and not a re-election poster. I mean, if this were the latter, it'd be like saying "well, we might not have kept our promises the first time...but THIS TIME, oh yeah, totally." So, yes, this is probably a first-time-around election poster. And don't he look charmin?

Nixon #2, Nixon Tattoo on Asian Booty: I really don't know where to begin with this one. You've got what I'm assuming is a shapely little Asian girl with a bad tan-line, wearing a US-style football jersey and little else, about to go all Girls Gone Wild toward a poster of Mao, while having already tattooed Tricky Dick on her ass. This is a whole new side of opening relations with China that I can't quite wrap my head around. Is she telling Nixon to kiss her proverbial butt while she macks on Mao? Is it a critical inquiry into the fickleness of American youth--one day staunch Republican, the next a Commie Pinko? Some things I may never know....

Nixon #3, The Watergate Game: frankly, the only Nixon poster I have any strong feelings about--and those feelings are super-positive, fyi. Who doesn't want to play the Watergate Boardgame?! You get to burn the tapes, be Deep Throat, meet in secrecy, and walk Checkers all over the course of one glorious hour of dice-rolling fun! And when you're done, you just pin it back up on your wall, displaying to all your amigos just how politically savvy and hip you are. 

The best part? All of these have starting bids of $50--I don't think I can buy a nice version of Monopoly for that little anymore!

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