Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Del Monte

I can't quite figure out if the designers of this ad were going for a less-is-more approach or for something insanely melodramatic. 

If you can't make it out, the woman sporting the 1960s threads is cradling a can of Del Monte Tomato Paste to her bosom, label aptly positioned against her chest so that we all can see that it is, indeed, Del Monte which she is pressing to her heart. 

On the one hand, you've got a designer who has decided not to actually focus on the product. I mean, why do we, the audience, even need to know it's Del Monte, or any other tomato-based product for that matter? Instead, let us focus on the raven-haired lovely and the lush jungle setting, all of which put us in the mood for something delicious....oh, what's that in her hand? Oh yes, Del Monte....time to make some pasta sauce. 

Alternatively, perhaps Mr. Design Man thought he was bringing a bit of soap-opera drama to an otherwise-lackluster product. A young beauty, lost in the wilderness, gazes off into the distance. Is that  hope in her eye? Why yes it is! And what brings her such fortitude? Her Del Monte tomato paste, that's what! It is her lucky amulet, a talisman of strength that guides her through her perilous journey which a lesser woman would faint at the mere thought of! 

Either way, I feel my kitchen walls getting braver and more sumptuous by the minute once this saucy lady (yes, I know...awful, awful pun) gets framed. May she guide my tomato sauce to the Elision Fields of deliciousness, the ambrosian plains of epicurean glory.....

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