Thursday, February 19, 2009

Incredible Friendships....

This poster always has me a little confused. Here we have a worm and a bird, gazing oh-so-matter-of-factly at each other, accompanied by the tagline "Incredible friendships begin at Brandy's." 

Yes, I see, you want us to infer that at this bar even the most natural of nemeses make nice. I, however, see something a bit different. Here are my scenarios:

1. At this bar, you will meet someone who all your friends say is bad for you. You fail to heed their warnings, go home with the person, only to be eaten the next morning before breakfast--thereon invoking the expression "the happy-hour bird gets the worm."

2. You will meet people at Brandy's that make you feel so uncomfortable that you fear bodily-harm. 

3. You'd rather devour these people than mate with them....perhaps it's the perfect place for a one-night-stand. 

4. Interspecies dating is the specialty of the house. 

Frankly, all these things sound concerning to me.....concerning enough that I'd love people to gaze up at my wall and wonder what kind of twisted sense of humor I have to have hung this poster in my home. And for a grand total of $50, it's pretty much worth it, isn't it? 

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