Thursday, February 26, 2009


This may possibly be the best Elvis poster of all time. 

Here we have him, The King, praying to a Guadeloupe-cum-Venus, nestled into a seaside grotto. Better still, said grotto has become a vanity mirror, possibly implying that Elvis A) sees himself as a Catholic Intercessor between Man and God and B) prays to his own graven image. 

What's more, we have him in profile, in all his sun-baked, slicked-back-hair glory, mostly naked. Yes, he still has on his shoes, yes he's got on those strange spandex shorts....but we have imaginations....and those shorts leave very little to said imaginations. 

Note the ethereal purple haze drifting over the mountains below, the sun setting, the warding-off-the-devil horns Elvis flashes us with his inside hand. Tonight is a magical night, apparently. 

If Elvis is still alive, this is exactly where he is. He's not at a Kansas gas station or at the Louvre; he's half-naked on a hill, praying, like a good Catholic boy. 

And for those who can't live without him: he's $600 at

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