Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Nudes

Another pretty fabulous work up for grabs in our March 12 auction is Milton Glaser's 'Big Nudes.'

Apparently, those nudes being shown at the SVA's gallery are SO BIG they can't fit onto the poster. Those must be some really big nudes. 

Putting aside the humor, though, I love the entire concept of this poster--it's so simple, yet so effective. The fact that he's focused on the legs rather than the torso removes any overt sexual connotations, maintaining a provocativeness that's more fun than carnal. Like a Matisse, this body is playful and naked rather than pornographic. 

I also love how by simply distorting the figure over a straight line, the viewer gets the sense that the body is flowing outside of the realm of the painting and onto the frame. It not only continues off the page, but is both canvas and structure. 

Now, if we put aside the academic analysis for a moment, let's also take the time to contemplate the awesomeness of this poster. Who does not want a giant nude hanging over their towel rack? I know I do. That way each time I get out of the shower, I feel like I'm not the only big nude in the room. It's both comforting and decorative--and you won't find that happy combination anywhere outside of a family photo album these days. So go, get your bid on. 

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