Friday, February 13, 2009

I Like Polish Bike

There are some posters that just make me happy, giddy even. This is one of them. Not a single other poster in our upcoming Modern Sale tickles me as much as this little guy. 


Well, first, he is kind of adorable--who doesn't like a clown freestyling on a bike? Ok, maybe that wasn't the best question since plenty of people hate clowns, in which case you can simply infer that his no-hands/no-feet move means he's speeding toward certain peril. Either way--fun clown, dead clown--we're all happy. 

More importantly, it's the tag-line that gets me: "I like Polish bike!" Yes, Borat, you sure do. Since the dawn of humor the foreigner speaking oddly-strung English has made us smile, even if only on the inside. If it didn't, all those websites dedicated to Chinese translations of English wouldn't get a million hits a day. In fact, try saying "I like Polish bike" without using a funny accent--impossible! Instant joy! It's like Prozac for your walls. 

Best part? This is a tourist ad. Because deep down, my Polish relatives all know that making people giggle is the best way to make them want to visit you again. 

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