Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why do vintage toys look so much cooler than contemporary ones? 

Note that I said "look cooler" rather than "are actually cooler," because, frankly, if I remember correctly, those pull-the-string-so-the-legs-and-arms-flail paper dolls aren't at all fun.....they just look nifty. 

That said, the not-so-childsafe toy sword is probably ten times more fun than anything we come up with today, if only because the potential for blinding your best friend is unnecessarily high. In fact, this wasp-waisted clowness seems to be packin' a Yummy Mummy's worst nightmare: every toy in her basket of delights is a choking, poking, gouge-your-eye-out and stab-your-little-sister hazard. That, and I'm sure 80% of it is made of lead. 

Of course, now you ask me why I'm promoting this in the most cynical light possible. Well, that's just my way, kids. Why do I need to run the gamut of compliments about this poster when it's so obviously pretty, so delicately charming, so colorfully delightful? People after fabulous decoration and pop-off-your-wall design are already sold on this little lovely. It's the strange ones like me that want a bit of an oddball-twist to their home decor who need to see it the way I do in order to appreciate its wonderousness. 

So, in summary, top 3 reasons to buy this poster: 

1. It's a really beautiful example of turn-of-the-century design; yet, lucky for you, it hasn't been put on every mousepad and calendar in your local Barnes and Noble. So, people will know you're actually housing the real deal on your wall. 

2. Who doesn't like the antique Toy Expo? 

3. If you're a slightly wacky person, you will find endless humor in this image. 

All that for $3,500 at Posters Please!

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