Thursday, April 2, 2009

Champagne Volcano?

As one of the heavy-hitters in our May 3 auction, I felt I should spend some time on this crazy number. 

Here we have Pierre Bonnard's 'France-Champagne.' Artistically, this is pretty damn edgy for 1891. Everything is just so fluid and hall-of-mirrors-y in its angles and proportions (I mean, look at that crazy spaghetti forearm!). I'm not quite sure what's her hair and what's her dress....and her left cheek sort of melds into her shoulder. Oh Expressionism, meet your predecessor. 

Is this what France-Champagne does to the senses? Rather than being a blathering, speech-slurring drunk, does one instead see the world through Gumby-inspired lenses? I sure hope so. 

Now let's move on to the product itself: the champagne. Either this little lady shook up the bottle for an hour and then over-poured, or France-Champagne is the equivalent of those science-fair baking soda volcanos. Both scenarios are fine with me, though, because the idea of tripping about a room filled with bubbles tickles me to no end. 

Frankly, the only time I've seen the world this way is when watching a Julie Taymor film or after ingesting prescription drugs. If France-Champagne is a cheaper alternative, put me on the mailing list!

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