Friday, January 30, 2009

Tortured Heart

So many vintage ads for journals, literary or otherwise, are way too cutesy or boring for my taste. This little gem, however, is weird enough to tickle me happy. 

You've got some bizarre shadow-creature (complete with shadow-nipple) reaching around to strangle what can be best described as a harshly made-up transvestite with killer cleavage. Note how the heart in 'coeur' is right over where his/her heart should be--A+ for cleverness there, Mr. Mercier. 

Now, given that the story is all about jealousy, we suddenly realize the need for a chartreuse background (read: little green monster). And, you know, in the 1930s only women suffered from jealousy, so obviously the shadow-personage of Jealousy is female....but I still prefer my first, less-academic description. 

If only I had a bare wall in need of something cool to confuse my house guests. 

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