Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make Way for Paté

Hopefully someone else out there read "Make Way For Ducklings" as a child and got that reference....if not, oh well. The poster doesn't even show a duck, so it's not exactly all that relevant anyway. 

Moving on, here we have a poster I love so hard. So hard is my love, in fact, that I've had it over my couch in both my London and New York residences. And no matter which side of the Atlantic it's been hung, no matter how full of other fabulous artworks my respective apartments have been, this is the framed wonder that every guest to enter my home drools over. It's just that cool. 

Here we have Mrs. Goose (well, technically Her Royal Highness, Mrs. Goose, given the crown). HRH Goose is toodling along down the street, waddling a very dignified waddle, all gilded feathers and shiny webbed toes, when suddenly she encounters an extra-large can of paté. And not just any paté, my friends, but L'oie d'Or, the veritable Queen o' Foie Gras--so royal that its got its own crown. 

At this moment, HRH Goose realizes the sad truth: her darling husband, Mr. Gander (also of HRH status) has been done in by some sick lover of paté and turned into a handsomely-packaged consumer item. Oh, the humanity! Yet, rather than bawl her little goose eyes out, she retains her nobility, jumping the entire 12-step coping process, and bows her head toward that which was her beloved Gander, acknowledging that even in death, he retains his deliciousness. 

If that's not a fabulous endorsement for paté, I'm not sure what is. 

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